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Originally from Devon, I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2019.  l draw, paint and make in a wide range of materials and manners; darting between processes as I see fit. Collages are created both deliberately and by chance. Writing and film-work punctuate the ongoing process. 

I am on a frenzied quest to magpie around, and the shining artefacts and ideas I find inform my own work. Photography. Books. Architecture. Film. Theatre. History. A Charity Shop; it really could come from anywhere. These treasures are considered, appropriated, and bent to adhere to my own narratives and needs. 

All my work is available for purchase, and I'm always keen to discuss new projects or commissions of any type. 


  • RSA and University of Edinburgh Library Award 2022

  • Margaret Tait Filmmaking Award Shortlist 2022

  • Royal Scottish Academy Pandemic Award 2020

  • Ingram Prize Shortlist 2020

  • Artist's Collecting Society Studio Award 2019

  • University of Edinburgh Purchase Prize 2019

  • Selected as RSA New Contemporary 2020  

  • Royal Scottish Academy Friend's Award 2020 

  • Andrew Grant Bequest Prize 2019 


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