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DEC 3th 2019 - JAN 19th 2020 

After he encountered my  work on social media, I was invited by Sir Matthew Bourne to create a series of work responding to New Adventure's production of The Red Shoes - which I am proud to be exhibiting alongside the show at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London. 



My interest in dance and ballet as a starting point for my work began after seeing New Adventure's production of Cinderella in Edinburgh in 2018. This led me to create the body of work that featured in my Degree Show at Edinburgh College of Art earlier this year.




Making collages is really central to my process. I like to begin with a fairly solid starting point and then weave in references and influences from art history, photography, cinema, as well as my own writing, drawing and filmmaking. These can all collide together to create a concept which is then translated into a new painting. So working with The Red Shoes has been really brilliant for me because not only is there the rich world of this production but also that of the original film. 

The work I made after seeing Cinderella was all about my relationship with that show, the dancers I had seen in it, and how I felt about them. I unofficially gave it the title ‘The Ballet Is A Mirror That Will Never Love Me Back’ - so to now have this opportunity from New Adventures is very special.

In little more than twelve months I have gone from being a first time audience member, to showing my portfolio to Matthew, to attending some rehearsals, and being invited to put together this exhibition.

To enquire about them, or to learn more, please get in touch at, or on Instagram via @tibby_schlegel.

I would like to thank Matthew for this opportunity, and New Adventures, Sadler’s Wells and Lez Brotherston for  their support. 

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